Andy McCoy

Andy McCoy

Andy McCoy Painted Hat Art Collection 


This painted hat collection is unique and designed and painted by Andy McCoy with Sofia Zida as a workgroup. This collection contains various hat brands and models. A total of 16+ pieces of painted McCoy hat art are now available. You can wear them or just enjoy them as pieces of Art – the choice is yours. In this collection there is a lot of influence from the Southern America as well as Southern States of the USA. In addition, Andy loves the blues music, so that influence is evident in the all things he does. All the hats have their own special element which makes it really hard to let them go for Andy, because it would be nice to wear all of them! This collection has been really nice to work with Sofia and in Andy's words “I like all of them”. 

In the dark late Autumn in Finland Andy has an idea to start painting hats for his fans all over the World. The colorful wide brim hats have been his trademark from the beginning and if you see Andy anywhere, he has a hat on- and all of them you can see Andyn artistic influence. Andy visited Hattu (Hat) Helsinki - hat store in November 2020 and had a brief discussion with the owner. The result from that inspiring and intensive change of ideas and "is this even possible” - thoughts, you can now see the results after 6 months of intensive work.  

To make this project happen, the workgroup has been really important. Right after the decision about making painted hats was clear, Andy asked Sofia if she wanted to join the workgroup. It makes it much nicer to work with the hat project. They are inspiring each other in their work of art as well as in music. 

All the hats have been signed by Andy McCoy. The package includes written Certification of Authenticity and a hand painted black hatbox. 

Hopefully you enjoy this really exclusive collection 


CEO Mikko Vehmas - Hattu Helsinki, Finland


If you want to buy one of these unique Andy McCoy Painted Hat Collection items outside of Finland, just send an email request to and we tell you how to proceed



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"Rock'n Roll Bolero" -SOLD-

Tuotenro: HHAM-21-04


Tuotenro: HHAM-21-06

2 000,00

"The Northern Columbia"

Tuotenro: HHAM-21-16

2 000,00

"Shooting Stars"

Tuotenro: HHAM-21-05

1 500,00


Tuotenro: HHAM-21-03

1 500,00

"Cinco de Mayo"

Tuotenro: HHAM-21-09

1 500,00


Tuotenro: HHAM-21-14

1 500,00


Tuotenro: HHAM-21-17

1 500,00

Custom hat by Andy McCoy

Tuotenro: HHAM-21-CUSTOM

"Bird of Paradise" -SOLD-

Tuotenro: HHAM-21-08

"Guerrera" -SOLD-

Tuotenro: HHAM-21-02

"Recycle" -SOLD-

Tuotenro: HHAM-21-07

"The Autumn Pirates" -SOLD-

Tuotenro: HHAM-21-10

"Blue Woods" -SOLD-

Tuotenro: HHAM-21-11

"The Eternal Garden" -SOLD-

Tuotenro: HHAM-21-13

"I Love Lucy" -SOLD-

Tuotenro: HHAM-21-15