"I Love Lucy" -SOLD-

Tuotenro: HHAM-21-15

- SOLD -

Inspiration: Childhood memories from 60´s

Story: “In the City – West 1 – West Soho, as everybody knows is in London. If you solo in Soho, you might as well wear this because there is no hope anyhow, yeah. This is on leather, which made it very different material to paint on, especially by hand. At first I thought of making a Union Jack in the top of the hat, but that brought to mind- Lager louts so I just put different colors up here on Lucy or it could be even called - I dream of genie, yeah. It is a Street hat. I thought about putting thread and corks under the brim to keep the flies away, but then I thought no -nobody would not want the corks to be dangling to your eye - Heh heh.” - Andy McCoy -

Hat size 61cm, Crown 10cm, Brim 7cm, Leather



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