"The Eternal Garden" -SOLD-

Tuotenro: HHAM-21-13

- SOLD -

Inspiration: Just like flowers strain and people die in the garden of eternity

Story: “There are stars from the sky and a lot of flowers, roses and even more stars. I like the layout of this hat, yeah, it’s very different from the others, it stands out. The hat is blue because the blue is the color of the Blues. I could imagine this in Bo Diddles head - heh - something like that - Muddy Waters, those guys. The lower part of the brim I wanted to look like from the separate hat and the contrast is huge. The colors are so different, nice. I suppose in gardens, you look at the flowers, the flowers change, the colors change and it is eternal and keeps going on and on and on.” - Andy McCoy -

Hat size 59cm, Crown 10cm, Brim 7.5cm, Wool



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