"Recycle" -SOLD-

Tuotenro: HHAM-21-07

- SOLD -

Inspiration: People are so materialistic that they don’t even imagine what they could do with scrap. This hat is made of scrap

Story: “I used to open up tours for the band very well known as Kiss. So, I thought about which kind of hats they would wear. Of course, studs and metal and stuff.  So, this got studs, chains and it’s very different. And there is an A, it’s for Andy of course. I dig it and I dig the shapes done to the crown. I used nail polish and poured it over the crown. I like how it flowed down, because you cannot control exactly how it’s gonna flow. This is a kind of heavy metal version of the hat.” - Andy McCoy -

Hat size 59cm, Crown 12cm, Brim 9cm, Woolfelt



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