"Shooting Stars"

Tuotenro: HHAM-21-05
1 500,00

Inspiration: First hat of the collection, all started with this one. 

Story: “I used this splatter technique I’ve used on paintings. Tennessee – I was listening to old Tennessee music at the moment. I got the illuminati – eye in the triangle, because they will be forever present. I really dig the colors in the crown and there is also a little bit of this Autumn vibe that we get here in Scandinavia, Canada and the Northern States. In Autumn everything changes in colors. They are very much in this vein. It also has this Nashville influence obviously. It is an artistic flow – you go with it. Sofia also did some additions to this one. First hat of the collection and it is signed as #1 inside.” - Andy McCoy -

Hat size 60cm, Crown 11cm, Brim 8cm, Maize


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