Tuotenro: HHAM-21-03
1 500,00

Inspiration: Sunshine, ganja and pina colada

Story: “We were thinking about Mexico because we both have Mexican blood – Sofia is more tough. The Stripes and very typical things in Central-America and in Mexico. It’s cool! There is very slight glitter, and you barely see it before the light hits it. When you go down to Mexico from the US – cross the border – you immediately realize the sun, it has this special light that kind of glimmers. We thought why not glimmer in the hat, yeah!” - Andy McCoy -

Hat size 60cm, Crown 11cm, Brim 9cm, Raffia


If you want to buy this unique Andy McCoy Painted Hat Collection item outside of Finland, just send an email request to mail@hattuhelsinki.fi and we tell you how to proceed or you can also push to button "Kysy" (Ask) below for any further requests about this item.  VAT 0% price outside of EU is 1250€.


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