"The Letter from the Past" -SOLD-

Tuotenro: HHAM-21-01

- SOLD -

Inspiration: One day I found the old love letter

Story: “This hat is a Bolero shaped kind of Spanish thing, with pretty Autumn's colors, you know. In crown there you can see old love letter, which gave the idea for the name of this hat. While working with this one I was listening Blues in the background, mainly Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters and T-Bone Walker, there for these names in the brim, and they are music from the past, and it linked to letter from the past nicely. In addition, I put under the brim old subway tokens, for example from New York City, Paris etc. It turned out good, I like it!” - Andy McCoy -

Hat size 60cm, Crown 11cm, Brim 9cm, Woolfelt



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